My artworks often deal with socio-political subjects with the intent to incite a critical engagement with viewers or participants. I work in a variety of media including: drawing, animation, installation and object making. More recently, I have become drawn to the idea of involving the viewer in the artwork with interactive components. Hence installation and object-based work has become formats in which have become focuses in my art practice. Drawing has always been an important component in my art practice and I continue to explore the potential of this media through the usual 2D drawings on paper as well as taking the media through a digital or new media process, creating animations, films and installations.

In 2015 I undertook my Honours research project, I DUN GOOD. I set out to develop and discover studio methods for making interactive objects that critically engage participants, whilst uncovering uncomfortable conditions underlying protest and social action on social media. The resulting body of work and exegesis can be found on this site here.


Feature image: I dun good 2015, interactive object, (installation view)