Dark Side of The Moon

Speak to Me (2023) 1:12min animation Finalist Brain Damage (2023) 4:24min animation Eclipse (2023) 2:14min animation Over 12 months I created three animated music videos for The Dark Side of The Moon 50th Anniversary Animated Music Video Competition (2023). This was a solo project meaning I took on all roles of production without assistance; director, […]

Climate Action

(2020 – Ongoing) In more recent years, my art practice has become more focused on addressing themes regarding the climate crisis, climate activism and inaction – something I plan to continue as this topic continues to grow in urgency. Signs of Disaster (2024 WIP) Mixed media works that include miniature replicas of real protest signs […]

News Factory: Artist’s Statement

Full text pdf: newsfactory_artiststatement_laurenedmonds_2014 News Factory Artist Statement by Lauren Edmonds   This body of work investigates the deliberate distortion of information in the news media in order to manipulate the masses. In this investigation I have experimented in a variety of media and methods to create work that effectively engages the viewer in a way […]


Full text PDF here: I DUN GOOD, Lauren Edmonds 2015   Abstract This research sets out to develop and discover studio methods for making interactive objects that are able to critically engage participants, whilst uncovering uncomfortable conditions underlying protest and social action on social media. A multi-method research process is employed, combining practice-led and heuristic research […]

Click [2015]

Click  (2015) Interactive installation: Wood, cardboard, newspaper, remote clicker, TV, App, Mouse: 110 x 45 x 68cm In Click, a functional oversized mouse made of wood and cardboard and a hidden remote clicker sits on the floor at a distance in front of a fairly small TV screen. The screen features a watermarked stock image […]

I dun good [2015] I dun good (2015) tablet, app, stylus pen, recycled cardboard, self-inking stamp, string, wood 115 x 77 x 30cm I dun good (2015) is an interactive artwork that aims to uncover potentially uncomfortable conditions underlying political and social action performed online. Social media’s promising appearance to transform production relations and therefore move towards re-connecting a […]