Ardent Roleplay

Augmented Reality App for Tabletop Roleplaying Games (like D&D) Multimedia Designer & Illustrator (2018 – 2023) Card Illustrations that would act as AR markers that can be scanned using a mobile App Branding – improve existing logo, create official colour palette & other visual branding assets, official media kit etc. Print Design for information & […]

Veil of Dusk D&D Characters

About The following Characters were created for Ardent Roleplay’s Veil of Dusk live stream campaign at: They are the party characters of the five players. Hubert Samshalam | Human Bard Lyllian | Tiefling Ranger Mog | Half-orc Paladin Baird | Drow Bard / Sorcerer Damon Theomune | Human Fighter