Click [2015]

Click  (2015) Interactive installation: Wood, cardboard, newspaper, remote clicker, TV, App, Mouse: 110 x 45 x 68cm

Installation View
Detail view, TV screen
Installation view

In Click, a functional oversized mouse made of wood and cardboard and a hidden remote clicker sits on the floor at a distance in front of a fairly small TV screen. The screen features a watermarked stock image of a sick person with overlayed text which reads,‘$100 will be donated for every (number) clicks’ . The number of clicks is increased every time a participant clicks the mouse. Every third click a quick snippet of a CPR tutorial YouTube video pops up, quickly showing footage of 3 chest compressions.

(screen shot from app)
(screen shot from app)

The scale estranges the action of clicking a mouse by making it more physical and arduous. The interruption of the pop up CPR videos immediately draws comparisons between the chest compressions and the action of pushing down the mouse button, further estranging the participant’s actions and inciting a more critical engagement with the work. In this work I not only use this montage of actions to create a distancing effect but also to expose ‘distance’ as a condition underlying social action online.