Behind the Lines [2013]

Behind the lines (2013) video 8:22 min


The 2013 Australian Federal Election proved to be a display of media mogul, Rupert Murdoch’s power. During the election campaign we saw from Murdoch’s papers blatant bias attacking Kevin Rudd and the Labor government and obvious endorsement of Liberal Leader Tony Abbott to become the PM. I have taken this recent event almost as a ‘case study’ in this work.

It is hard to find concrete and reliable statistics on just how much of the world’s media Murdoch owns and I also found it hard sometimes to connect papers or TV stations back to his ownership. This contributed to the use of using the metaphor of sandpapering in my work, as in some cases I had to dig deeper and scrap through to find more information while researching. It also conveys the idea of revealing the puppeteer behind the puppet or the man behind the paper.